Exploring the liminal spaces between the darkness of the waking world and the mystery of the unconscious, Teresa Elizabeth Lobos’ mixed media works have inspired wonder and dread in equal amounts. Born in Victoria, Canada and finding inspiration in classic horror films and gothic literature at an early age, Ms Lobos soon gravitated towards themes of the monstrous and the divine, channeling her early influences into a singular vision where Victorian and biblical morality collide with the dark desires lurking in the recesses of the human psyche.

Drawing from a lifetime’s worth of strange and uncanny imagery diligently catalogued over the course of a fruitful practice, Ms. Lobos uses paper, paint, and ink to question concepts of the feminine body, re-appropriating and decaying traditional representations of the female form. This decay is then put in contrast with the unsettling energy of the occult, expressed both in concepts of the supernatural and spiritual, as well as the intensity and violence of Lobos’ own brushstrokes.

Ms Lobos is also an accomplished experimental filmmaker, using a mixture of video shot on vintage equipment and processed found footage to further explore her interest in light and shadow. Her use of the moving image highlights the degrading impermanence of digital formats, and her recent sound/visual collaborations have revealed an interest in the searing darkness of experimental noise and post-industrial music.

Teresa Elizabeth Lobos is available for gallery exhibitions, commission work, and collaborations.