Visuals for øjeRum - A Certain Grief

A song for the Vernal Equinox

Music: Primitive Knot

"The Solstice provides unique conditions for efficacious ritual."

Music: Primitive Knot


"in the hour of the spiral wind comes the horror from the cursed hills"

Music: Primitive Knot

I always knew this was goodbye...

Music: Malibu Wands


Surrounded by Fools

Music: Aloysius Scrimshaw

Follow Them True

Music: Stick in the Wheel

Drakkar Noir

The Euphoria of Emptiness

Unique Ciphers of Violence and Desire

Music: Autox



Illusion is a ritual / Two dark figures circling / Lines invisible / Between terror, between divine / Beyond love, beyond death, beyond return

Music: Primitive Knot


Music: Blkk Bones